Christian Education Ministry

The Christian Education Ministry is very comprehensive, and resourceful. The Christian Education Ministry is symbolized by its diversity, it offers opportunities for Bible study and spiritual growth through the identification, use, and development of one's spiritual gifts.

We will accomplish this by growing our congregants of all ages by means of bible study, training and enrichment activities which provide a caring, supportive, and loving environment with the goal of developing one's spiritual gifts.


Outreach Ministry

The Outreach Ministry seeks to integrate new people, wherever they may be in their faith journey, into our church culture; to make them feel valued, connected and a vital part of the community.


Sacred Arts Ministry

Music is a divine gift from God and goes hand in hand with worship. We believe that the arts are essential in enriching worship, encouraging creative interaction among members and connecting the church to the community.

The House Of Wisdom Sacred Arts Ministry, offers a variety of experiences for members of our church family. Choirs include the traditional Gospel Choir, the Youth Chorus and the Children's Choir. All are invited to come and share their musical gifts.

Sacred arts is an integral part of The House Of Wisdom. Join us as we worship God with the artistic gifts he has given us…


Service Ministry

The House Of Wisdom service ministries work to provide both spiritual and practical services to our members and community.
The service ministry organizes, programs, and supports weekly Sunday services and special events. Here is our current list of service ministries:

Armor Bearers
This ministry is charged with the responsibility of providing safety for the church.

The role of Deacon is one of sympathy, witness and service after the example of Jesus Christ. Deacons minister to those in need, the sick, the friendless, and anyone who may be in distress. Deacons of The House Of Wisdom are called to assist the pastor in the spiritual and moral affairs of the church.

The Hospitality Ministry meets and greets our guests and sees that their time with us is satisfying and productive.

The role of this ministry is to PRAY for our Pastor, church leaders, congregation, community, missionaries, family and friends. This ministry is designed to intercede on behalf of the church and provide support to the lost, the sick, shut-in, bereaved, imprisoned, and others.

Nurses provides a personal, compassionate touch to members and guests who have medical emergencies.

Pastoral Care
Pastoral Care is to assist people in the process of growing in their depth of knowledge of God and to mature in their relationship to Jesus Christ; thus equipping them to be effective servants in the Kingdom of God. Pastoral Care Ministry makes sure members of our community and others are cared for in times of illness, family crisis, births, deaths, etc.

Ushers help coordinate and assist the congregation before and during services, work to accommodate any special needs, assist in receiving the offering, and are available during services in case of need or emergency.