About Us

Our Pastor

Founder / Pastor Upendo Parker

The HOUSE OF WISDOM MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL was founded and organized in the month of February on the ninth day in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 2009.

The vision was given to our Shepherd, Pastor Upendo P. Parker, a few years after the passing of his father, Pastor John R. Parker (founder and pastor of the First New Life Baptist Church, Chicago, IL). With much prayer and supplication, Pastor Parker called a meeting with several believers and supporters who believed and trusted in the vision that the Lord had given him.

After several meetings and searching for a place to worship, the late Pastor James McClain's heart was touched by the Lord. Pastor McClain opened the doors of Smith Holy Temple (650 N. Central Park, Chicago, IL 60624) for the House of Wisdom to worship. The first service was held on March 8, 2009. This was very monumental, being the anniversary date that the late Pastor John R. Parker made his transition from Life to Eternity.

The House of Wisdom worshipped at Smith Holy Temple for one year. Although we are still in transition, we are presently worshipping at Love Outreach Ministries (4452 W. 16th Street, Chicago, IL 60623) until the Lord directs us to the place He has already destined for us.

Since our conception and birthing, God has been so merciful and gracious by continuously assigning humble and Kingdom minded souls to this ministry. We give Yahweh all the glory for giving us the wisdom, which is the principle thing (He being first) and an understanding of His Word to continue to build His Kingdom as we labor in the vineyard to win souls and change lives.